Highlights from the Archaic Collection

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Archaic tablet exampleThe archaic text corpus publication consists of 219 texts, mostly on complete and well preserved clay tablets. They belong to the late fourth millennium BCE and range from the Proto-literate to the Jemdet Nasr periods. The tablets contain lexical lists and administrative records dealing with personnel, fields, animals, textiles, and food. Eleven tablets bear seal impressions. Seven well-known place-names, or toponyms, are mentioned in the corpus, the city of Uruk occurring the most frequently. Line drawings and accompanying commentaries were prepared for publication electronically by Salvatore Monaco (Rome, Italy) and appeared as the first volume in the Cornell University Studies in Assyriology and Sumerology (CUSAS) series, published by CDL Press in 2007. Lisa Kinney-Bajwa, Rosen Foundation Conservator and Photographer, was instrumental in conserving and cleaning of the tablets as well as making highly specified, enhanced, digital images of the tablets in "le technique Owen" (ammonium chloride method ).