Full Image Archive of the Classical Sargonic Tablets

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Garšana tablet example The Sargonic texts in the Jonathan and Jeannette Rosen Ancient Near Eastern Studies Seminar in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Cornell University constitute the most important such collection in the United States.  Volumes in this series will make available all the Classical Sargonic material. Maiocchi's careful copies and the accompanying photos provide the reader with the necessary tools for additional study. The extensive commentaries and attempts at full translations make these interesting texts much more accessible to a wider audience, not only of Assyriologists, but also of archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians. Adding greatly to the importance of these volumes for the study of Sargonic tablets is a 50-page sign list in CUSAS 13 of Sargonic Akkadian, including drawings of all signs, that is an indispensable tool for future research.