Highlights of the Early Dynastic and Early Sargonic Tablets from Adab

Representitive imageThe publication of economic texts from Adab, Shuruppak, and Umma constitute our major sources for the reconstruction of the early history and culture of these cities.
CUSAS 11 includes major new documentation for these sites. Although devoid of archaeological context the new texts nevertheless join the existing archives from both excavated and unprovenanced sources to further advance our understanding of the Early Dynastic III and early Sargonic periods. Visicato and Westenholz, each fully versed in both the published and many unpublished texts from these periods, have provided an in-depth introduction to the historical issues raised by these texts along with full transliterations, critical apparatus, translations and indexes.

CUSAS 14 contains economic documents dealing with the administration and distribution of barley, emmer, flour, seed, malt, bread, and wheat in Sumer in the middle of the third millennium BC.

Excellent photos accompany the texts in both volumes. These volumes are an essential tool for all those working in the history and culture of third-millennium Mesopotamia.