Cuneiform Texts in the Carl A. Kroch Rare Book Library, Cornell University (CUSAS 15)

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The publication of the Carl A. Kroch Rare Book Library collection of cuneiform tablets brings to a close a publication process that began with the unpublished catalogues produced first by Edward Chiera in the 1930s and subsequently by A. Leo Oppenheim in the 1950s. Otto Neugebauer and Abe Sachs published selected mathematical texts already in the 1940s and some Old Babylonian letters were copied by Albrecht Goetze around the same time and appeared in YOS 15. David I. Owen compiled yet a third catalogue and published the Ur III group of tablets along with a number of Old Babylonian texts in the 1970s while the remainder of the collection, primarily Isin- Larsa period texts, was finally copied and indexed by Marcel Sigrist. Now, thanks to the efforts of Alhena Gadotti and Nicole Brisch, the entire collection has been reedited and indexed and made available in this volume, which includes revised and collated transliterations, translations, and copies of 21 previously published Ur III and 23 Old Babylonian texts, along with over 100 unpublished Old Babylonian, 3 Middle Babylonian, 11 Neo-Babylonian texts, and 1 Neo-Assyrian text. Although the texts are primarily economic, they do include 3 mathematical texts, a Neo-Babylonian cultic text and a Neo-Babylonian catalogue of oracular pronouncements.
Scholars in Assyriology and Near Eastern socio-economic history of all periods will find these texts of value for their varied contents and for their connections to previously known archives.

QT Publication

  • Cuneiform Texts in the Carl A. Kroch Rare Book Library, Cornell University (CUSAS 15)
    Alhena Gadotti and Marcel Sigrist, with Nicole Brisch and David I. Owen