The Lexical Texts in the Schøyen Collection (CUSAS 12)

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The lexical texts in the Schøyen Collection constitute perhaps the most important group of new lexical sources now known. Miguel Civil has prepared the complete publication of this remarkably well-preserved and diverse collection of sources that adds greatly to the Materials for the Sumerian Lexicon (MSL) series and particularly to those working in lexicography, philology, and Sumerian and Babylonian culture. The volume contains an introduction and complete editions of all the texts, including full transliterations and commentaries, along with accompanying photos of the tablets. This is an invaluable resource for all those working on the languages and culture of Mesopotamia and an essential companion to the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary (CAD) and the Electronic Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary (ePSD).

Photos of a selection of the lexical texts are found at: Lexical Texts in the Schøyen Collection

QT Publication

  • The Lexical Texts in the Schøyen Collection (CUSAS 12)
    Miguel Civil
  • Fri, 09/07/2012
    Corrections to CUSAS 12

    e-em-tum on page 9, #39 is a typographical error and should be read e-em-ṣum.